To become a Global leader in microgravity-related services by providing unmatched price/performance and time deployment.


Create new market niche for microgravity services (including ultra-fast certification for space-rated hardware and software) and disrupt the existing microgravity market.

Unique Selling Points
  • Provide 15X times faster deployment
  • Provide at least 10X cheaper solution
  • Provide unmatched performance (extremely clean microgravity environment)
  • Provide new generation of integration services (payload requirements and integration onboard)
  • Development of new materials which cannot be built in Earth’s gravity conditions
  • Deployment of the system in the stratosphere (near-space environment)
Competitive Advantage of our stratosphere shuttle

Our system is using next generation aerospace innovations: high stage of reusability, extreme plug and play payload integration methods, and low maintenance. The key aspects of the project are:

  • Ability to deploy on daily basis
  • Opportunity to develop a niche in the microgravity market by working in B2B model with other leading aerospace companies
  • Capability to complement existing launch and aerospace testing providers
  • Capability for a rapid testing of new aerospace technology vital for the further development of space missions
  • Extremely competitive engineering and maintenance costs

Investment information

For potential investor’s interest, please use the online form on our website.