To help the advancement of satellite technologies and services.


AquilaSat is a study concept to design, build and space-qualify the next-generation high-performance CubeSat bus platform for a range of missions from Low-Earth orbit to Solar system exploration missions with a main focus on swarm satellite applications. It will have the highest payload volume in its class and serious application capabilities

  • Up to 50% increased payload volume
  • Up to 3X faster build times
  • Designed as a multipurpose platform from the start
  • Capability for mass production
  • Ideal test bed for new technologies
Competitive Advantage
  • We are proud of our strong engineering team and our know-how in engineering projects.
  • There is a clear synergy between our CubeSat technology and launch/service/ engineering companies. The goal of the proposed system is to complement very well more complex space missions by adding to their portfolio additional capability – multipurpose CubeSat platform.
  • Special Concepts is capable of providing satellite consultancy services as a B2B to leading companies in the sector.

Investment information

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