Special Concepts is Prime Tech Partner of Space Challenges / http://spaceedu.net / – the biggest educational program in the field of space science, technology and exploration in Eastern Europe. The main goal is to inspire the next generation of space explorers and innovators and to foster entrepreneurship in space sector. The program facilitates the development of new start-up tech projects that bring innovation to the industry in the region. Space Challenges fosters innovative science solutions, led by young people. The program selects every year young engineers, scientists and technologists and provides them with resources to solve diverse tech challenges.

The initiative involves a range of leading experts from NASA, ESA, Caltech, MIT, Stanford University, Harvard University, United Nations, University of Oxford, and many renown organizations. Our efforts are aimed at helping young people to acquire knowledge and skills and to apply those at creating innovative companies and projects. During the last 5 years thousands of students visited the course and had the opportunity to interact with leading professionals from the high-tech sector.

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